Quick Tip — Eat Your Rainbow!

Here’s a quick tip to get kids to eat healthy vegetables and inspire them to try new foods too!

pinnable veggie image

Eat your rainbow!

Getting children to enjoy whole, raw healthy veggies isn’t so hard if you start introducing them early, and often, and in various preparations, as to find out what textures or preferences they may have… as everybody (not just children) does.

But even if you didn’t start as early as I did

(too early for a stalk of broccoli maybe?)

Well what better time than the St Patty’s Holiday, with all the rainbows and “green” insignia being so popular at this time… to really start emphasizing the notion of eating your colors or:

“Eating Your Rainbow!” As we say in our house!

Putting a joyful spin on things gets little ones excited to try at least, and eventually instill lifelong healthy eating habits by first establishing that it is FUN!

It’s never too late in life to take the health and wellness of our children and family seriously, but by making it seriously fun, and look how colorful! The kiddos cannot resist… even the pickiest of eaters will be enticed with a tiny buffet of colorful veggies (perhaps throw some fruits in there as well if they are not accustomed… ) But as the old saying goes, the more it is offered, the more the eyes, and the palate develops a taste for certain foods.

Although my little leprechauns already love this stuff, it’s still fun to plate it up special just for them…

These cute little melamine tapas plates were picked up at Target in a set!

Happy  Saint Patrick’s Day… And Eat Your Rainbow!

Perhaps you won’t get pinched while holding a stalk of broccoli?

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