Introducing… Kids’ Culinary Passport!

Do you wish you could travel around the world this Summer? Want to avoid the hassle of airports, added expenses, and travel annoyances?? All this month on Inner Child Food, we’re proud to present a special series of posts called Kids’ Culinary Passport — it’s like traveling around the world without leaving your kitchen!!

Kids Culinary Passport

Here’s how it works:

1. Download the FREE Printable Passport

To begin, you can download the free (and super cute) printable passport and stamps here, so you can keep track of your “journey”!

2. Cook and Craft Your Way Around the World

Visit our blog for new recipes and crafts inspired by a different country each week. We’re kicking off in just a few days with the ole USA before making our way over to Japan, Italy, Mexico, and Egypt. Participate as little or as often as you like. Since you can visit our blog at any time, you can “travel” at your own pace!

3. Share Your Experience

If you’re on Instagram, we’ll be using hashtag #KidsCulinaryPassport and you’re also welcome to upload photos to our Inner Child Food Facebook Page. We would LOVE to see photos of your kids’ creations as they cook and/or craft around the world with us, and may feature a collage of images on the blog at the end of the Summer!

Kids Culinary Passport

I hope you can join us — it’s free, FUN, and very educational!! Download and print your FREE Kids’ Culinary Passport here.


  1. This is such a fun concept to do with your kids this summer! We’ve used this concept in our Around the World in 12 Dishes Series originated by Glittering Muffins hosted by 14 blogs each month for the past 1 1/2 years! Hopefully this summer will inspire your readers to continue year long with us. Can’t wait to see the variety of recipes and ideas you share. Feel free to share your ideas in our open links to each country too!

  2. This is so cute!

  3. What a fun idea! My girls love drawing, writing, cooking and traveling. What a fun way to mix it all together. Thanks for the post!!

  4. We homeschool and next year our curriculum is Exploring Countries and Cultures! We are going to make recipes from each country we study, this will be a great way to keep track! Thanks!

  5. Just saw this on Pinterest and printed out the passports. We’re adding this to our homeschool curriculum 🙂 I have girls starting 2nd and 3rd grades and I know they’ll love this. Thanks!

  6. What a fun idea! I am going to feature this on my next week’s history and geography meme.